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ReadyRest | Created by Clay Target and Upland Bird Enthusiasts.

Supports the weight of your semi-auto, pump action or over/under to help you conserve your energy to improve accuracy for when it matters most.

  • The aircraft aluminum stock rest with no slip finish protects the stock and delivers maximum durability & support no matter the length of your hunt or shoot.
  • Does NOT scuff or scratch the stock.
  • Fully adjustable sling for right or left hand set-up allows for total comfort and balance.
  • Doesn't pull your pants to one side like a holster does.
  • Keeps muzzle pointed in a safe, upright position and away from your companions.
  • Easily worn over vest or other outerwear.
  • Ready in an instant for when you need to act quickly.
  • Made in USA.




The ReadyRest supports the weight of your firearm, conserving your energy and accuracy for when it matters most.

make your shots count

Break More Clays
Bag More Birds

ReadyRest is the solution for the muscle fatigue that costs you accuracy on a hunt or on a course.