About Us

The ReadyRest story begins with a love of hunting and sporting clays born from their camaraderie, renown, and challenge. Yet shooting is not without imperfection. Any experienced shooter has discovered that carrying a shotgun for hours on a hunt or sporting course is both uncomfortable and draining. In fact, the muscle fatigue caused by the weight of a shotgun costs even the best shooter accuracy when it matters most.


So, we went searching for a piece of equipment that would remedy this imperfection by allowing a shooter to carry his gun on his hip during a long hunt or shoot. None suited our needs. Traditional belt holsters pull down to one side, leaving a sense of discomfort that disrupts focus.


After trying numerous products without satisfaction, we decided to build our own solution: ReadyRest. Made and sourced in the United States, the ReadyRest is crafted from only premium materials, including a metal stock rest for maximum durability and support. It also uses a sling construction in lieu of a belt, delivering total comfort and balance that keeps your gun at the ready and maintains your muscle strength for when accuracy matters most.


We shared ReadyRest with our shooting buddies and each demanded one for himself. Soon after, each one refused to go on a hunt or shoot without his ReadyRest. That’s when we realized that ReadyRest is something we should share with the rest of the shooting community...


Ready to Hunt