Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: Is ReadyRest made for hunting or clay shooting?


ANSWER: Both! Made for maximum comfort, balance, and durability, the ReadyRest is perfect for anyone on a long hunt or shoot. This innovative design keeps the weight of your shotgun from fatiguing your muscles, thereby maintaining your accuracy when it matters most.



QUESTION: Does ReadyRest come in more colors?


ANSWER: ReadyRest is currently manufactured in two colors. Click here to see color choices. (link to order page featuring the three versions). If you’re interested in additional colors, please let us know down below in the Contact Us section.



QUESTION: How durable is the ReadyRest?


ANSWER: ReadyRest is made from premium materials, which means it's built to last. Whether you’re a casual sportsman or an avid outdoorsman who goes hunting every day, the ReadyRest will hold up to any conditions.



QUESTION: What size shotgun fits in the ReadyRest?


ANSWER: ReadyRest fits any shotgun or rifle with stock up to 2” wide at the widest point